Blev så trött på att en av nyhetskanalerna  jag följer på YouTube alltid har en massa unga män som kallar folk vars åsikter de inte håller med för horor, fittor och kuksugare. Så jag skrev ett meddelande till ägaren av kanalen, och hoppas på svar.

Hi, Moxy. How are you doing? I hope you take the time to read this message. I will try to keep it short.

I’ve been subscribing to your channel for quite some time now, and I would like to thank you for what you’re doing — especially since I don’t live in Europe, which makes it harder for me to follow American news as closely as I’d want to.

I’ve seen you talk in a couple of videos, and you seem like a very kind and gentle person with a good heart. However, that does not reflect many of your subscribers. I’m sure you’re checking your comments every now and then, and I’m sure you’ve seen what goes on there.

Just today I’ve already witnessed several accounts of people in your comments calling the women in the clips ”whores” and ”cunts”. Now, we both know a lot of your audience consists of Ron Paul supporters. And we both know that Ron Paul has been accused of being racist and sexist, regardless of if the accusations are true or not. How do you think it looks when his supporters then go on your channel and starts calling Michelle Bachmann a ”republicunt”? I think it hurts him. Maybe not a lot, but how one’s supporters behave might sometimes reflect off of the candidate in some amount.

Do they have a right to do this? Well, yeah. YouTube has made a decision to let it slide. However, if it was my channel, I would not approve of this. And I would try to limit it. Not to opress their opinions, but because I think a civil discourse is more important than anyone’s right to call women cunts and whores. Or to tell male politicians to choke on cock. I value serious discussion higher than that.

So please, Moxy. As a fan of your channel, I would appreciate if things were kept more civil. I already appreciate the content you provide, but being able to discuss that content with your audience without them cussing me out would just make it a way more rewarding experience.

Of course this is something that’s totally up to you to decide. I’m just voicing my concerns as a subscriber. If you think you gain more by letting people act how they want in the comments rather than moderating the content, then of course that’s your call to make. But I feel like you’re not a person who would call someone you disagree with a cunt, so I hope you can see where I’m coming from here.

Keep up the good work,
A Liberal Socialist Swede. 😉 

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