Every drone kills 50 unintended victims.
1 dag sedan

@yourliestopshere Really? Sounds like a lot. Objective source on that?
22 timmar sedan

@bleunt What did you want to draft a study?
12 timmar sedan

@yourliestopshere No. I told you what I want. An objective source for your statement. I’m not at all saying your statement isn’t true. But since I myself am against drone attacks, I want to know if that’s a reliable statistic. I can’t use it myself and then say ”some guy on YouTube said it” when people ask me where I got that information.

So am I getting a source for your statement, or what?
4 timmar sedan

@bleunt Holy shit, do your own research. Look at any country that we attack. Divide the drone attacks vs the purported deaths and you will find out that my statement although may not be accurate in every case, but you will see that I am not far off. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, YOU THOUGHT THE SMART THING TO DO WAS TAKE YOUR CUES FROM YOUTUBE COMMENTS?…. NO ONE WILL TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY.
18 minuter sedan

@yourliestopshere Why don’t you just give me the link where you read it? There’s no official numbers from UNICEF, Red Cross, UN or any other oganization or even a government? If you make a statement, it’s up to you to be able to back it up with facts. It’s not up to others. That’s not how this works. And I’m not taking cues from YouTube comments. That’s the opposite of what I said. Read better.

So are you going to back up your statement with facts or not?
1 second sedan

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2 kommentarer till YouTube

  1. WysiWyg skriver:

    Vad hände sen då!? *nyfiken i en strut*

  2. Det blev aldrig någon länk från honom. :p
    Han säger att jag får leta själv, men det finns inget som stödjer hans påstående.


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